I am free, therefore I am responsible.

Dear nothing, dear everything, I have come to the most troubling realization about myself. In a way, it has given me great comfort. All along I believed that I was. All along I believed that there was something in me that made me me; something that has always been there and always will be, something that makes me different from you or anyone else, some … Continue reading I am free, therefore I am responsible.

Green-Eyed Lad..

Night, I’ve been STRUGGLING to write anything here. Whenever it comes to my mind that someone, anyone, is going to read this, my mind refuses to work and the river ceases to flow. So maybe I -and you, maybe- are going to have to wait for the flood, every time. How can empty spaces hurt? Is not emptiness nothing? How can you be hurt by … Continue reading Green-Eyed Lad..

Good, good morning..

Beginnings are weird. There’s something of great significance in all beginnings; beginnings of days, of lives, and of anything in between. Before graduating my life had been a series of beginnings. There was always a beginning to look forward to. There was always a strong reason – small, but strong- to wake up in the morning and face the day; weather it was a 5-minute … Continue reading Good, good morning..

Hello, fellow beings!

This is my very first blog! Let’s hope this thing turns into something worthwhile. But why do I want a blog? Why is it important that one’s writing is shared? or why is it important that one writes to begin with? I, for one, am fond of the process of getting to know myself, and through writing, I hear myself say things that are new … Continue reading Hello, fellow beings!