It felt so good…

Yesterday I realized how much I miss playing football.

It seems I have forgotten how good it used to feel. Let me write it down as best I could, so that maybe it would stay here to remind me were I to forget again.

It felt like power; like you could just launch into outer space and nothing could stop you. It was so old of a feeling… I couldn’t believe it was now and not then. Was I truly there and then playing football like it’s 2005 again?

I was so profoundly happy that I could still remember how a football felt like under my foot, that I could still remember how to strike so hard it feels so liberating.. I could have cried for how deeply good the feeling was.. That my legs could still hold me up and I could run like there were no strings attached to every single inch of my soul… That I could take a ball to the head or to the chest feeling like the last time I did that was only yesterday at school when we were sparing not a breath on that old field…

I wish I could stay… I wish I could go back to that place and time whenever I felt like I needed to vent out this crushing energy bursting at my seams…

I could do a million punches and a million kicks at a punching bag was it not too heavy to respond, was the wind not too still indoors, were my arms strong enough and my skin thick enough to endure, was a punching bag as friendly and as drenched with memories of old freedom and carelessness as an old worn-out football…


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