Good, good morning..

Beginnings are weird. There’s something of great significance in all beginnings; beginnings of days, of lives, and of anything in between.

Before graduating my life had been a series of beginnings. There was always a beginning to look forward to. There was always a strong reason – small, but strong- to wake up in the morning and face the day; weather it was a 5-minute quiz or a the 3-hour exam that will mark the end of your educational journey.

I believe that the more your life progresses forward – not that it can head in any other direction – the more you need to take control of it, the more it’s going to stop making things happen for you, and there comes a day – usually in your twenties – you realize this fact and decide to yourself that you’re going to take control and bear responsibility. You will feel the urge to stop blaming your circumstances, your job, the lack of time, other people, or God/fate/life/the universe for your own mistakes and bad habits. You realize you had been avoiding confrontation, not the confrontation itself but the things it would imply and the actions that would follow; the inevitable change that should follow all new knowledge.

What’s the point of your life if you weren’t in control? What makes you human hadn’t your will been free? It’s this fascinating power over the course of your life; decision making, having your own opinion about something, the responsibility you take for being yourself, facing the consequences with a wide smile on your face reflecting from the even wider smile shining light through your soul, it is this freedom that makes you. Your whole being rejoices in the fact that you’re justifying your existence. It is only when you realize why you are, and fulfill that cause, that you can truly celebrate being, your being – the only form of being you truly know.

It is of extreme misfortune that the gap you are supposed to fill throughout your life remains unfilled even years after you pass. It’s even worse having it left unknown, let alone attended to. It would then forever remain a gap in space and time, at best a wasted chance to push existence further into completion. Therefor, I believe that every time someone abandons attending to their purpose in life, existence is left a little more incomplete. I also believe this purpose should not remain constrained exclusively to your own self. Your being and your life are inevitably connected, no but tightly intertwined with the lives and the existence of other people. It only makes sense that your purposes are, too.

So here’s to beginnings; beginnings we have no control over, and those we take responsibility for. Here’s to life with all its dire and beauty. Here’s to never settling for less than you are; free. Here’s to meaning. Here’s to striving to be better, for a better being. Here’s to existence, here’s to the the One and the Only, the First and the Last, the ultimate reason and the ultimate purpose, the one from which all began and to which all will end, to whom we belong and to which we will return.

Glorified and exalted be You, my Lord, and praised. I ask you for forgiveness, and I repent to you.

Good morning ya’ll 🙂


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