Hello, fellow beings!

This is my very first blog!

Let’s hope this thing turns into something worthwhile.

But why do I want a blog? Why is it important that one’s writing is shared? or why is it important that one writes to begin with? I, for one, am fond of the process of getting to know myself, and through writing, I hear myself say things that are new to my ears, things I didn’t think I would say! Like reading for a whole different person; different from me, from the me I know, at least.

So, this blog is dedicated for me, before anyone else, Not for the known me, but for the me that is yet to be known.

Expect thunders and rains, and some very big questions which its thirst ceases to be quenched but with such as big answers. Yep, we’re playing it BIG!

Enjoy the journey, if you will 🙂



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